Winter is Coming?!

It seems that winter has made an early arrival this year. We unfortunately did not get that gradual drop in temperature and slow transition into snow and overnight freezes.

This doesn’t bother me much, I actually like winter. Nights snuggled up in comfy pjs, fuzzy socks, and warm blankets while drinking hot chocolate by the fire place are some of the best.

But what about your critters? If they are anything like mine, they too like being snuggled up in a warm blanket. Heck, if my little one Poe even hears blanket he is right at your side ready and waiting for snuggles. So as the weather continues to bring snow, ice, and freezing temps, remember your critters and that they may be much colder than we are, especially during outside potty breaks on the cold and/or snowy, icy ground. Maybe keep and extra puppy or kitty sized blanket around for them to snuggle in just in case.