Costumes, Masks, and Makeup…Oh My!

Happy Halloween!

It’s my favorite holiday. All the pumpkins, haunted houses, Halloween decorations, and costumes make me so happy!

I am more of a creepy, scary Halloween fan, while Alicia is more of a kitschy, cute Halloween fan, so every year decorating is a compromise. We spent the last weekend making sure all of our decorations were up, and making trips to the store and to Amazon’s website because can one really have too many Halloween decorations? This year we added a creepy pumpkin patch (yes, she really let me do it!), a skull fence to contain our menacing, wing flapping dragon, and a whole infestation of spiders…shudder. We also found some things to add for next year, since utilities and a house to live in prevent all of the money from going to Halloween, lol.

Talk of costumes is in the air, even though we should have been on that bandwagon already. The kid has decided to be some Phantom of the Opera/skeleton/zombie mix, Eric will probably go as himself, we may see a revision of the Crazy Cat Lady from Alicia, and as for me it will probably be something with fangs and blood (since I doubt I can be a live scarecrow in the pumpkin patch to scare kids).

We will keep in mind being too scary for the little ones, but that also includes our four legged little ones. You should keep them in mind while in costume as well. Unfortunately, our critters don’t understand the amazing thing that is Halloween, and costumes, masks, makeup and wigs may frighten your critters. A few years ago I saw my friend’s normally sweet, not bothered by anything pup turn into a barking, lunging mess because he did not understand that Darth Vader was indeed his father…no, the pup’s name was not Luke!

So whether you are a “scare the pants off ’em” or a “look at this cute owl in a witches hat” kind of Halloweener, please keep your critters in mind so everyone can have a safe, and happy Halloween.