About Us

The above slideshow is a mix up of several of our pet sitting and dog walking clients.

Our Story

Eric Eldred, Manager and Pet Care Specialist of STL Critters and Creatures Care with Arlo.
Eric Eldred, Pet Services Manager of STL Critters and Creatures Care with one of his pet sit clients, Arlo. Photo by Alicia Sexauer

Founded in 2018, we are a St. Louis, Missouri based professional pet sitting and dog walking company that focuses on offering our clients and their pets exemplary pet sitting care and attention to detail. Our company rose to meet a continued need for pet families when an existing pet sitting company servicing the St. Louis area closed its doors.

Alicia (the owner), and several of the sitters from the closing company united in the common interest to continue being able to provide care for the pets we’ve grown to know and love over time.

Alicia Sexauer, Owner of STL Critters and Creatures Care with several of her critters. Photo by Angela Reeves

We believe in continuing to enrich and grow the human-animal bond and trust that it shows in our services.

Our Philosophy

Angela Reeves, Office Manager and of STL Critters and Creatures Care with Winnie the guinea pig. Photo by Alicia Sexauer

Through our love and adoration of all critters and creatures, big and small, we strive to provide the most focused care of your cherished companion.

We offer the peace of mind that your pets are being cared for by licensed, bonded sitters, hand selected to work with you for their exemplary standards of care.

Our pet sitting and dog walking service area covers most of the St. Louis metro area, including other parts of St. Louis County.  We also have limited availability coverage for the eastern edge of St. Charles county.

We are regularly working to add new pet sitting and dog walking team members so that we can provide our quality pet sitting and dog walking services to more pet families in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Our pet care specialists are “local” to most of the St Louis region, including most of St Louis City/County and St Charles County.

Service Area Map for STL Critter and Creature Care

What to do if YOUR service area is not listed?

Please note that our pet sitting and dog walking service area listed is general in nature. If you took a peek at our service area map and did not see your specific area listed, please call or contact us directly to inquire about your specific area. We may very well be able to accommodate your pet care needs!

Even if we can’t help you, often we can help in other ways by recommending another quality pet sitting/dog walking alternative. But please, if we can’t help you directly this time, check back with us. We may be in your neighborhood very soon!