Q: How long is my dog walked?

A: We have options for: 15 minutes, 30 minutes (most popular!), 45 minutes, and 1 hour.

Q: How do I know you’re out walking my dog/visiting my pet?

A: We use a pet sitting/dog walking company software (precisepetcare.com) that tracks every visit. It logs when your pet sitter/dog walker arrives at and leaves your house. Thanks to GPS, PPC can even tell us the exact route your pet sitter/dog walker took. Plus, you’ll receive a Daily Report Card (sent to your phone or email) at the end of every single visit.

Q: Do you walk pets in inclement weather?

A: It depends on the weather. If it’s just rain, we will walk. But if it’s stormy, icy, or otherwise unusually bad and/or unsafe, we will run out for a quick potty break, then spend the rest of the scheduled time playing inside. No matter what, your dog will get their scheduled time with our walkers.

Q: Can you do a test walk?

A: Yes! We agree – it’s important to know if our service will work for your family before you make a commitment. Just contact us by phone or email to purchase a single session.

Q: How many dogs do you walk at a time?

A: Just one – yours! (Unless your household includes multiple dogs, of course. But we only walk one household’s pets at a time.)

Q: How much notice do you require if I need to cancel an appointment?

  1. Cancellation Policy: At the end of the consultation visit or requests for sitting dates (via email, phone, web, or in-person). If both parties agree, the booking will be confirmed and reserved for the client. If a complete cancellation of a booking is made, the client will be responsible for half the cost of the total invoice if the cancellation is made less than ONE WEEK prior to the start date of overnight visits and less than 48 HOURS prior to the start date of regular visits.

Cancellation policy for holidays:
During holiday periods, with exception of severe weather, life-threatening emergency or death in the family; any cancellations without a 10 day notice will result in a 100% cancellation fee of the total amount due, (i.e. New Year’s Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), Christmas Eve & Christmas Day).

Q. Why do you need my keys?

A: Our “Ready Key Program” is perfect for the busy pet owner. Sometimes your work or busy schedule means you need a last-minute walk. Participating in this program makes it easier for us to accept requests with short notice.

When enrolled in our Ready Key Program, we keep your keys on file for future visits. Your security is a priority for us: all keys are stored in a locking key safe in our office when not being used by one of our dog walkers to walk your dog. These keys are coded and do not have your name or address on them. You may request the return of your keys at any time.

Plus, if you’re ever locked out of your home, we’re much easier and cheaper to call than a locksmith!

Q: Can’t I just hide a key or leave you my garage door opener or code?

A: Due to liability and safety concerns, we cannot accept assignments with hidden keys as the primary form of home access. Garage door codes can be given as a secondary form of access. But, in the event the garage breaks, power goes out, the batteries go dead, or some other scenario prevents us from getting in, we still need to have access to your pets. If we can’t get to them, we can’t care for them – the safety and well-being of your pets comes first.

Q: Do you charge additional fees for weekends or holidays?

A: There are no additional charges on weekends. On the following holidays, $8 will be added to the fee:

Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day.

Scheduling policy for holidays:
We require holiday visits to be scheduled at least 30 days in advance. Any service scheduled less than 15 days in advance will be subject to availability and a last minute holiday booking fee.

Q: How much advance notice must I give before making my reservation?

A: We take great pride in the flexibility of our pet sitters. Emergencies and last-minute trips are a part of life and we have a wonderful track record of successfully placing last-minute reservations (we really don’t like to tell you “no”!). However, the more notice you provide, the more likely your primary walker is going to be available. We recommend planning in advance as much as possible, but can accommodate most requests with a 1-2 week notice.

Q: Who are your pet sitters/dog walkers?

A: Our pet sitters/dog walkers are career animal lovers. These are not people who are just looking for a little extra money in addition to their day jobs – they are passionate about pet sitting and dog walking and enjoy the bonds they form with the pets trusted to our care.