Summer continues to hang on….with bugs

In my last blog, I was overjoyed with the fast approaching Autumn season but, I was reminded this weekend of how Summer is continuing to fight to stay around. In the form of bugs, all kinds of bugs!

I can honestly say that I don’t know many people that are enthused about the thought of heading outside for a picnic or to sit on the patio and be a buffet for bugs. We carry bug spray, light citronella candles, use tiki torches, and any number of other things to make sure that we are not a meal for the insect world.

But what about our furry friends? They need protection too! One of my favorite puppies is currently fighting a battle with the horrendous “noseeums” in their backyard. This poor little guy is scratching like crazy, on anything he can find as a scratching post, even while sleeping. He gets regularly treated with his flea and tick treatment, has gotten multiple oatmeal baths, and countless other treatments… still he scratches on. This got me doing some research on other ways to help him out, and most things are making sure there is no standing water, treating the yard with harmful chemicals, or using bug spray. Needless to say, most were solutions appropriate for human/bug issues and not puppy/bug issues but then I came across a list of top 7 natural repellents for dogs!

So today I went to the store and bought the ingredients to try the essential oil one from the list. Here’s hoping it gives my little friend some much needed relief!

*This is by no means an attempt to replace your normal flea/tick treatment, or as veterinary advice. For any issues with pet health, please contact your veterinarian before trying any “at home” treatments.*