Autumn is here! Well, almost…

August is upon us!

I know we are only 5 days in but this busy month will surely fly by quickly. As teachers and kids return to school and we try to schedule all those physicals, last minute vacations, etc. we are certain to not realize how quickly September will creep up.

In our household we have already accomplished school supply shopping, school orientation and pictures, and have informed our soon to be official 7th grader that this week is her last week of “freedom”.

This yearly preparation always makes me excited for things to come, it signifies the approach of my favorite season and holiday! Autumn makes me extremely happy, and Halloween…don’t even get me started! I will openly admit that the fall decor has already started to creep its way onto the mantel and walls at my home, I am not ashamed!

The Autumn decor will slowly start to get that Halloween touch (as long as my roommates don’t catch me sneaking it in little by little), which will then be thwarted by my roommates love of all things Christmas…yes, we are one of those households that would have Christmas up in July if we all gave in to the roommates whims (can’t blame her, all year would be Halloween if she gave in to mine).

So as your thoughts start to turn towards all the wonderful things this coming season holds, don’t forget those furry family members and what they will be doing while you are eating more turkey than you think you did, grabbing all those Black Friday deals, and even watching the joy of present opening and Christmas ham at family gatherings. Will they be sitting by the door doing the potty dance, or pacing the floor wondering what kinds of awesome things you will bring back from shopping adventures?

The answer to that is no, they won’t have to do the potty dance because we will be there to make sure they are getting their normal potty break and walk. They won’t have to wonder of the awesome things you will find, because they will be snuggled with one of our sitters dreaming of sugar plums (do furry critters dream of sugar plums, maybe gravy bones?) until Mom or Dad returns home. They will not have to potty dance, or sit and wonder alone, because their Mom and/or Dad scheduled some TLC time with us; and while we all have families and plans for holidays too, we don’t feel our holiday time would be complete without our favorite furry friends!

Wishing you all love, happiness, and all the critter snuggles you can handle!