What do you wish you had known before getting a pet? Part 3 – #PetTalk

By: Alicia Sexauer

We reached out to ask, “What do you wish you had known before getting a pet?” and received a plethora of answers in response!  We really appreciated the pet owners who took a moment to share a response with us, and we hope that this post will be beneficial for others. 

In this three-part series we are discussing some frequently mentioned topics and resources available for new owners and seasoned pros alike.  Our series closes with information about end of life care, euthanasia, and pet loss.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ” -Anatole France

“What do you wish you had known before getting a pet? Social media replies. Screenshot by STL Critters and Creatures Care

What is Veterinary Hospice?

Veterinary Hospice is a family-centered, medically supervised, and team-oriented service provided by caring veterinary professional dedicated to maintaining comfort and quality of life for the terminally ill or geriatric pet until natural death occurs or the family elects euthanasia.

Veterinary hospice was modeled originally from human hospice, this specific type of veterinary care is focused on the comfort of your pet, not at finding a cure for their disease. The goal of veterinary hospice/palliative is focusing on comfort of your pet, maintaining the human animal bond and providing support as you navigate the end of your pet’s life


A decision concerning euthanasia may be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make for your pet. Although it is a personal decision, it doesn’t need to be a solitary one. Your veterinarian, family and close friends can help you make the right decision and can support you as you grieve the loss of your pet.

If you find you are coping with the loss of a beloved pet, whether it is recent or happened some time ago, you are not alone in your grief.  Reaching out and finding support to help you better understand the loss that you’re experiencing and knowing that your feelings are perfectly normal and valid can go a long way to help you through this difficult time of bereavement. LapofLove.com has support resources that they have taken the time to put together to acknowledge you as a person in mourning and honor your feelings. And as time goes on they will help you down the path to finding meaning and healing along the way.