What do you wish you had known before getting a pet? Part 2- #PetTalk

By: Alicia Sexauer

We reached out to ask, “What do you wish you had known before getting a pet?” and received a plethora of answers in response!  We really appreciated the pet owners who took a moment to share a response with us, and we hope that this post will be beneficial for others. 

In this three-part series we are discussing some frequently mentioned topics and resources available for new owners and seasoned pros alike.  

Pet Owners will eventually find themselves with unexpected pet-related expenses..

“What do you wish you had known before getting a pet? Social media replies. Screenshot by STL Critters and Creatures Care

Bringing a pet into your home is a large responsibility and undertaking, although many pet owners will agree that the adventure of pet ownership is worth it.  Even with the best of care, sometimes accidents happen, pets get sick, and owners may find unexpected costs with elderly pets or breed specific issues.  

The good news is that there are resources available for pet owners through several different avenues from speaking with your veterinarian about payment plans, deferred payments and financing options or credit plans such as Care Credit that are available to you for your pet’s care. 

Some clinics are unable to provide payment plans and deferred payments because, unfortunately, clients promised to make payments but never did, resulting in financial hardship for the practice. 

If you find you are unable to get the fiscal help you need through your vet, there are thankfully other ways available to find assistance such as Go Fund Me and/or their list of financial resources.

Unfortunately, other life events happen as well that can affect whether or not you can continue caring for your pet.  As a responsible pet owner you will want to try and take advantage of rehoming resources for your pet before allowing them to end up in a shelter.  

We hope that this second post of our three part series provides some much needed resources for pet parents as they navigate the adventures of pet ownership.  Catch up with us next week as we discuss pet palliative care and loss.