What do you wish you had known before getting a pet? Part 1- #PetTalk

By: Alicia Sexauer

We reached out to ask, “What do you wish you had known before getting a pet?” and received a plethora of answers in response!  We really appreciated the pet owners who took a moment to share a response with us, and we hope that this post will be beneficial for others. 

In this three-part series we are discussing some frequently mentioned topics and resources available for new owners and seasoned pros alike. 

Proper veterinary care, training, and socialization is important!

It is imperative to have a veterinarian team you trust working with to help ensure you are providing your new pet the best quality of life.  

“What do you wish you had known before getting a pet? Social media replies. Screenshot by STL Critters and Creatures Care

Your veterinarian and their staff will become an invaluable resource for you and your pet, they will be able to answer questions from health specific care to dietary and training recommendations.

Not sure where to start for finding that superb veterinary care?  The following AVMA and AAHA sites are a great starting resource for many individuals, you may also want to consider asking other local pet owners for their own personal experiences of veterinarians in the area.  

Pet health is more than just vaccines and annual screenings at the veterinarian, helping your pet feel its best involves a proper diet and a grooming routine that includes your critter’s dental health , and nail maintenance for dogs and cats

Training and proper socialization are an often overlooked part of pet ownership that is critical in ensuring a successful relationship for you and your pet. We recommend checking out the AKC Site for how to find and interview prospective dog trainers to find the one that is a good fit for you and your pup.  Cat owners, don’t despair, there are many resources available to help you and your cat as well.  While cat trainers are not as readily available, many owners (dogs and cats) are taking advantage of the DIY experience of the internet.

We hope that this first post of our three part series provides a beginning foundation of resources for pet parents as they embark on the adventures of pet ownership.  Catch up with us next week as we discuss covering expected and unexpected pet expenses.